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Paying for Fertility Treatments is Simplified with Fertility Access’s Customized Discount Programs

Fertility Access launches exclusive collection of financial programs throughout 20+ locations, making treatment to overcome infertility more affordable for patients.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – MARCH 12, 2021 –

Fertility Access announced today the official launch of a collection of smart, simple financial programs designed to make fertility treatment more affordable. With Fertility Access, patients can save as much as 40 percent on treatment costs by bundling and prepaying for IVF cycles at a discounted package rate.

A 2017 RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, survey found that 95% of people feel that cost is the biggest barrier in pursuing infertility treatment. Coupled with that reality, outcomes vary, and it can sometimes take more than one treatment cycle to achieve success.

“The good news, 80% of participants who complete a Fertility Access program take home a baby,” shares Mark Segal, CEO of US Fertility, the largest physician-owned, physician-led partnership of fertility practices in the U.S. “Compare this to traditional pay-per-cycle plans, where, in order to try again, you must pay again. Fertility Access’s prepayment options offer significant savings and avoid the burden of surprise cost.”

The following three fixed-fee Fertility Access plans were designed specifically for patients with little or no health insurance coverage for IVF treatment:

Fertility Access’s 100% Refund Program is the most inclusive program of the three, offering patients ultimate peace of mind—take home a baby or receive a full refund.* Plus, patients have multiple attempts at a fixed price point. If despite everyone’s best efforts treatment is unsuccessful, patients will receive a 100% refund, which some may use to pursue other family-building means.

To help make affording fertility treatment even simpler, Fertility Access proudly partners with CapexMD to offer convenient financing options. CapexMD’s simple loan programs cover all fertility treatment options, including autologous treatment, third-party reproduction, fertility medications, even genetic testing if necessary. To better understand how much fertility treatment financing costs, patients can use Fertility Access’s loan repayment calculator. Monthly payment ranges will vary based on the loan amount and repayment terms.

“Fertility Access aims to simplify the complex when it comes to affording fertility treatment. Facing infertility is inherently stressful, paying for fertility treatment doesn’t have to be,” adds Segal. “Fertility Access allows patients to more readily pursue having a baby with the security of knowing they have multiple attempts prepaid and can avoid mounting fees.”

Currently, there are more than 20 Fertility Access locations across the country including, with more practices coming soon:

Interested patients may call 1-800-873-9203 or email to learn more. A Fertility Access Patient Concierge will introduce custom programs designed to support various treatment plans. Upon submission of an online application, patients will receive approval status within 24 hours.

Fertility practices interested in offering Fertility Access to their patients may call 1-800-873-9203 or visit

*some exclusions apply

Fertility Access

Fertility Access partners with top-tier IVF/fertility practices in the United States to offer financial solutions to patients. The Fertility Access programs are designed to help patients overcome the financial hurdles associated with fertility treatment in order to grow their families. To learn more about partnership opportunities, call 1-800-873-9203 or visit