Executives & Board

Executive Management Team

Richard Jennings

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Saipe

Chief Financial Officer

Jaime Shamonki, M.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Ethan Harris

Chief Information Officer

Marty McGuirk

Chief Development Officer


President, Ovation

Vicki Gerber

Executive Vice President, Operations

Kirstin Runa

Executive Vice President, Operations

Jo Ann Meyer

Executive Vice President, Revenue Cycle

Kate Devine, M.D.

Medical Director and Chief Research Officer

Anish A. Shah, M.D., M.H.S.

Executive Growth Physician

Eduardo Hariton, M.D., MBA

VP, Strategic Initiatives and Managing Director, USF Innovation Fund

Michael J. Tucker, Ph.D.

Scientific Director

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, Ph.D., HCLD/CC

Vice President of Scientific Advancement

Judah Shechter

General Counsel

Board of Directors

Jason Bromer, M.D.

Shady Grove Fertility

Kevin Conroy

Optum Tri-State

Michael J. Levy, M.D.

Shady Grove Fertility

Jay Rose, M.D.

Amulet Capital Partners

Mark Segal


Christopher S. Sipe, M.D.

Fertility Centers of Illinois

Carl Zimmerman

Amulet Capital Partners