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Vicki Gerber
Executive Director
Shady Grove Fertility

Vicki Gerber

Executive Director, Shady Grove Fertility

As Shady Grove Fertility’s Executive Director, Vicki leverages her years of healthcare knowledge and leadership experience to incorporate and align the strategic direction of all the SGF regions. Vicki has over 28 years of leadership and management experience in various healthcare systems and physician practices, spending the last 16 years supporting the growth of SGF. She has played an integral role in many expansion and buildout projects, process and efficiency changes, software integrations, and staff development programs. At SGF, Vicki facilitates organization-wide guidance and support to the continued growth and improvement of services with a goal of caring for our patients and employees, focusing on the overall mission of SGF. Her abilities are utilized daily to form and work with teams to problem solve, maintain operational controls, and continue to grow to meet patient needs, while effectively continuing to grow the organization. Vicki began her career with an accounting degree, went on to earn her M.B.A., and continues to focus on continual education and leadership development.