Newsroom | US Fertility Statement on Recent Alabama Supreme Court Ruling


US Fertility Statement on Recent Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

Los Angeles, CA (February 22, 2024) – US Fertility, the United States’ largest partnership of physician-owned fertility practices, today issued the following statement in response to the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling that defined an embryo as a minor child:

“This is an unfortunate legal decision with the potential to make it more difficult for people to create families in Alabama,” said Richard Jennings, US Fertility CEO. “While the decision itself is limited to a single state and doesn’t directly impact any US Fertility practices, we are concerned about the implications of this ruling, not only for potential interference in personal decisions made within the physician-patient relationship, but for all those seeking IVF treatments who may experience limited access to reproductive care because of this legal decision. We stand with those patients and support the rights of people pursuing IVF treatments across the country.”

US Fertility does not operate any IVF practices in the state of Alabama.

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