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Susan Hughes
Regional Executive Director
SGF South Virginia

Susan Hughes

Regional Executive Director, SGF South Virginia

As a US Fertility Regional Executive Director, Susan leverages her financial, business management, and leadership experience to manage the South Virginia offices of Shady Grove Fertility (SGF). Susan has over 30+ years of revenue cycle management, legal compliance, human resources, financial management, and healthcare leadership experience. Prior to joining USF/SGF, Susan was most recently the Chief Operations Officer for Virginia Fertility Associates and Virginia IVF and Andrology Center. Prior to its merger with SGF in 2019; Susan was instrumental in the creation of Virginia Fertility Associates, which was the leading fertility practice in the Central Virginia area. Susan has also served in various healthcare leadership positions within healthcare management consultancies. At USF, Susan’s vision and leadership are bringing a culture of service excellence to patients in the mid-Atlantic. She also led the team in expanding SGF’s reach first into Richmond, Virginia; Roanoke, Virginia; and into Hampton Roads, Virginia, through SGF Jones Institute. Susan studied at Virginia Teach before earning her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University.